Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesdays

I'm taking a leap and hoping to have more frequent posts on Wednesdays.  There's a great group of bloggers who participate in W.I.P  and I thought it would be fun to join the list.

So here's my 1st official W.I.P post!

I've been planning my daughter's 6th birthday party.  It's going to be an afternoon tea for with several of her friends.  Here's a peek at the invitations that we sent out.  Each teapot has its own picture drawn by our little miss.  She did the teapot tracing, some cutting, drawing, all the gluing, putting the stamps on the envelopes etc.  Such confidence comes from being able to do things and she was all smiles.
In the era of all things electronic, it was fun to sit down and make these then mail them.

There are a couple more crafty things planned, but I did want to share one of the items I'm making for the tea table.  Homemade napkin rings/ponytail holders.  How many of you reuse napkin rings for anything else than to hold a napkin?  I took out my stash of felted sweaters and some pink hair elastics and voila!  So pretty!  I hope all the girls will like them.

My current knitting project is a pink ruffled sweater.  It's found on Ravelry here.
Another pink/rose variegated yarn that happens to be organic cotton (Tahki Yarns - Palma).  I found it at our local Waldorf school store, The Juniper Treehouse.  I've only made a doll sweater before, but this looks like it will be quite easy as the whole thing is knitted in the seaming. I'm hoping to have it done by the 1st day of school!

Could someone say the collecting of cats is a work-in-progress?  Well, here's our latest addition.
Maybe we will have a constellation of cats one day.  Our big boy cat is Sunny and this little guy is named Mercury.

Hope you are having a great week!


  1. Welcome to W.I.P. Wednesday! I'm so thrilled to have you joining us - I'll be adding you to the Wipster list as soon as I've finished this comment.

    A tea party? Brilliant! I just love the idea of the teapot invitations - and that you're little one participated so much in their production. What a great way to "valorise". And those flower elastics! Just lovely. So much sweet pink goodness.

    Mercury? So adorable!

  2. yay! thanks shellyfish :) maybe when i get my own menu planning act together for my family I can do "Meal Plan Mondays".