Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Wrap-Up

A couple weekends ago my daughter celebrated her 7th birthday. I realized this year when I turned 35 that we will both be going through our seven year changes together. I'm not really sure what that will entail but like Life itself, it is sure to be interesting!

Happy 7th Birthday!
Yellow arugula flowers are from the faeries.

Here are little glimpses into her special day(s). We celebrated on her actual birthday and also had an ice pop/slip and slide party with friends.  This year we were also able to enjoy the company of 2 other girls with the same birthday!

Gifts from mama
Thanks to some special friends who had Waldorf toy/book sales,  I got these great Kinderkram wooden castle walls and the LMNOP book (perfect for starting 1st grade!) at a great price.  Our school store had this great swing-a-round...perfect for faeries to have fun on.  The The Land of Long Ago is another beautiful Elsa Beskow book.  It just happens to have a little girl in it named Kelly who goes on a fantastic adventure.  My little one got a great kick out of having her name in the book. 

Pounce and Sneaky
A new friend made this cute set of felted animals.  There is a little rodent named Sneaky and a cat named Pounce.  Pounce likes to bounce and sneaky is really fast!

So Beautiful!
This is one of the most beautiful handmade gifts my daughter has ever received.  It is a flower matching game.  Each wooden coin has a flower etched into the wood via pyrography.   The detail is amazing.  A talented mom friend did this all herself!  It came in a cotton flower print bag.

Other notable gifts:  Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.  The Jabberwocky was one of my favorite poems as a child and to share the silliness with my daughter is fun..."twas brillig and the slithy toves...."  She also has been initiated into the American Girl franchise via her grandmother and got the girl of the year, Kanani (she's from the isle of Kauai).  With our trip to the island to visit family again in the fall, there will definitely be some interesting adventures with this doll.  I think any doll play should be encouraged...they will only stay little for a short while.

At her party, I made lots of food and it all was eaten before I could take photos.  There were summer rolls with peanut sauce, BBQ tofu, grilled eggplant, red & blue potato salad, garden salad, and of course the ice pops.   I used this great stainless steel popsicle mold for many of the pops. I took these photos after the party as so many were left over.  I also wanted to enjoy the fun of being with everyone instead of walking around with the camera.

Kiwi Strawberry
Orange Mango   &  Acai Berry
Chocolate Sundae & Root Beer Float
Since I'm not a great baker I decided to leave the cake to the professionals.  Here's my post about it on my other blog:

I want to thank everyone who has celebrated these seven years with Kelly.  All of you have created special memories for her.  I truly appreciate those of you who have taught me how to preserve the innocence of childhood, keep the magic of the world alive and nurture her love of nature.