Friday, April 30, 2010

My Nest at Honeybloom at Home

I'm here in San Francisco meeting some family who flew over from Hawaii for a week vacation.
We are in a beautiful Victorian home.  It has many personal touches and is great place to come back to after walking throughout the city.

While I'm away, take a peek at my recent interview with Shannon Honeybloom for her To Nest column.  Find out a little more about me, my family, and home.

If you want to get inspired to have a slow home full of peace and laughter, check out Shannon's book:
Making A Family Home


See you back in Austin soon!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Remembering and Renewal

Life has been quite happy and playful for us, so much so that there is often less time to talk about it, much less blog about it.  Moms who run their own businesses have even less time!
But I thought not having a post for over 3 months was a bit long.
So with Spring comes change, more light, renewal and rebirth.

Here's a brief synopsis of the past 3 months:
Lovely gifts all around during the holidays.  I got a great Namaste knitting bag at the time. My daughter received gifts galore, including some wooden trees and bushes that I hand painted and sealed with beeswax.  I will put up a post about them soon.

We had a fun Valentine's Day Fondue party at home.  Late February, we had snow here in Texas and made a happy snow bunny with apricot eyes and nose.
Soon a warm Sunday appeared, and we headed out to Barton Creek Trail to do some Geocaching.  Basically, you use a GPS (iPhone), get coordinates and find caches hidden along the trail.  You still have to be observant and do a little hunting to find the hidden boxes.

Old ammunition box
People from all over the world open the metal boxes and leave messages and trinkets.  We left a few crystals and some beeswax. A picnic by the creek after crossing it makes for a perfect respite.

Late March we did more trail walking and came across morel mushrooms.  What a pleasant surprise!
Finding mushrooms made me think of Children of the Forest and how the family gathered and dried them for the winter. It's so important to know which ones you can eat. More about our mushroom hunting on my food blog: 

Farmer Carolan has been composting, preparing beds, shoveling soil, hanging supports and sending out his love to our little backyard garden.  Here's a pic of all the green "volunteers" about 1 month old after our snowfall in February.

Arugula, Bok Choy, Gai Lan, Lacinato Kale, Snow Peas

Onto crafting, we particpated in our school's Knit-A-Thon by making some scarves and hats.  I knit some wrist warmers for myself and a Noro silk hat for my mom for when she goes to Alaska in the summer. I'm also so happy I had time try out Nicole's felted egg tutorial at Rhythm Of the Home.  I got to do it twice: once with my dear daughter and then with ladies from our school's handwork group.
The pics are coming, I promise!

Faerie Dreams
As we move into April, it seems like all the brightly colored flower faeries have appeared.  We attended the Greenwood School's annual Faerie Festival and had fun flitting and flying. It's always good though to come back and have some quiet time in our own realm.

Happy Spring to Everyone!