Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Natural & Practical

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I love it when something is beautiful, natural and practical. Here are 3 items I wanted to share with you.

I recently photographed a project that I finished in May but started in November. It's a fluffy woolly pillow! The front is hand knitted with a lovely wool roving ribbon yarn called Sasha - color is Snow.
The back is an upcycled felted cashmere sweater. The two panels are held closed by recycled cotton buttons. A down pillow within makes it very soft.
It normally stays on my red couch for hugging and for naps.

Do you live in a two-story home? Do you have the problem of little items from upstairs or downstairs ending up in the wrong place? Yes, I know, all those steps are great exercise but sometimes you need a better way to carry things! Here's my solution: a beautiful basket to keep where needed.

My mother recently returned from Alaska and brought me a beautiful gift. Those who know me have seen my super long hair. Most combs would never do. This handmade comb featuring pyrography (fancy word for writing with fire) has nice wide teeth. Ayurveda recommends wooden combs. Not only does ancient wisdom make sense, but who likes the static electricity made by plastic combs and brushes. My last wooden comb had broken a couple months ago, so this was a welcomed surprise.

What's a natural and practical item you use everyday?  :)