Thursday, June 3, 2010

Slow Snail

It's a slow Thursday morning.  I love days like this when there is nothing planned and I can sit down, think and perhaps do something creative.  Then I remembered this little blog of mine and how I wanted to share with you all some of our snail adventures.

While planning our trip to San Francisco at the end of April, I thought about bringing some food for the airplane ride and wanted it to be portable, not messy, and of course, tasty!
I started looking through the Baking Bread with Children book and came across this adorable recipe for making bread shaped snails.  My daughter and I made them the day before we left and they came out wonderfully.  Now she asks that anytime we go on an airplane ride we have to make snail bread. I see the beginning of another family tradition!

If you are looking for a wonderful craft that even a preschooler can feel proud about, why not make a beeswax snail.  My talented friend, Nicole (Frontier Dreams), has a tutorial on how to make them.  It's very simple: all you need is modeling beeswax and a favorite snail shell.

I also recently joined  Slow Food USA .  It's a great organization that is encouraging people to slow down, think about their food choices, and the people who grow it and make it.  It also just so happens that the Slow Food logo is a snail.  Austin's local chapter features one with a cowboy hat.
Want a cute Father's Day story? This one just happens to be about a snail family and a young snail's dilemma about what to give his father. Check out The Best Father's Day Present Ever.
We found the book at our local library.  It gives a great non-commercial message. I think any dad would love to go on a nature walk led by his child.

So here's my little tribute to snails.  These little friends take their time, enjoy the journey and leave a magical silver trail behind.

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