Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Flowery First Day of School

Happy first day back to school everyone!  I know many of you have been preparing for this day by making something special for your loved ones.

Here's what a made for my little flower - A Tulip Lunch Set

Since her symbol at school is the tulip, I made her a pink cotton bag with some vintage trim and an applique felt tulip.   I got a couple Japanese craft books when I visited San Francisco.  They are full of ideas with perfect pictoral instructions.  I'm not very expert at sewing, nor do I like to follow instructions exactly.  These books were the perfect balance of giving me the sewing know how and of course the cutest motifs.

Since there is no plastic liner (hooray for being fully washable!), I made a couple of little bags to carry eating utensils, and used containers.  A new set of napkins made it complete...but wait, the food!  With the Vaisnava holiday season in full bloom, she is sure to have lots of super tasty lunches.  From our Balarama celebration, she's having rice, dahl and eggplant paneer subji and yogurt with pickle today.

I can see more wonderful qualities blossoming in my little girl.  Being one of the oldest in the kindergarten this year, she will have lots of opportunities to help her teacher and younger classmates. I am happy that she gets another year to just be a carefree child with no academic expectations.
Happy 1st day of school and have more fun growing in the Sungarden!


  1. Aww happy first day! We still have a few weeks to go. It's so funny you posted her beautiful lunch set, last night I was brainstorming a cloth bag to hold her extra clothes and things at school with her symbol embroidered on it (A ladybug) <3 <3 <3

  2. You still have lots of time! I tried to finish the shirt I was knitting but I'm glad I stopped to do her lunch bag or I would have not finished either.
    One of Kelly's friends has the ladybug as her symbol too. Hugs to you and your growing family :)