Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to Lalita Living

I thought I would start another blog to compile all the wonderful crafts and thoughts I have had since my daughter began going to a Waldorf school. We have had such a wonderful experience and I thought that perhaps others would like to share in that. My parenting attitude has changed for the better and I can see more and more that childhood is really meant for play. Children are expected to grow up too fast in our society and become adults with perfect speech and manners. They need time to play and be protected, given good examples to imitate, and less talking to but true warmth. Believe me, it is a challenge! But all seriousness aside, this blog will mainly be about playfulness and experiencing the beauty around us, in Nature, people and relationships, and through the hand-crafted. Lalita is a Sanskrit name that imbibes the playful and beautiful.
Welcome to Lalita Living!


  1. woo-hoo! excited for the future posts and pics!!

  2. woo hoo! i'm your first follower!! can't wait to see what you post! it makes me so happy to see other devotee children following waldorf :)