Sunday, June 21, 2009

Solstice Sun Day & Father's Day

It was a lovely longest day of the year! It was the perfect day for everyone to do a little Surya Namaskaram..the salutation to the sun.
Surya is the sun god according to the Vedic paradigm and I found a bright watercolor painting of him on his chariot with his 7 horses. He is very similar to Apollo of Greek Mythology.

Our little miss gave dad a handpainted ceramic mug she painted at the local ceramics shop, Cafe Monet. She included much "ALOHA" as Sean always thinks back on his childhood days spent on the beaches of Kauai!

Then we had a nice breakfast, trip to the bookstore with daddy, and then some summer faerie making. We also found out about a local business nearby called Solstice Gardens that we hope to visit soon.

Here's a picture of our Summer Solstice nature table.

Sun star, faeries, sun princess and gnomie friend, sunflowers and zinnias from our garden, crystals and more.

We celebrated Father's Day with a homemade lasagna, salad with greens, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden and cannolis.

All glories to the shining sun!


  1. oh my! please please pleqse tell me how you made egg free cannolis!!they were my FAVORITE food growing up and it's been 15 years sincei have had one!

  2. The egg part isn't the hard's the wine.
    You can sub out with grape juice and a little vinegar. I like to use butter but there are vegan recipes out there.
    This one looks good:

    I did mix ricotta with TruWhip and used vegan chocolate chips though :)

  3. thanks! *cough* we eat some dairy now so vegan recipe not neccessary ;) tee hee. i know mother kaulini would be very happy.