Thursday, October 28, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Gopi Skirt

I finished my gopi skirt and was quite happy with how it turned out.  I still have quite a bit of fabric left so I may make my daughter one too.

Floral Gopi Skirt
I want one too!
For our upcoming pumpkin path walk,  I have a special costume to make for my little one. It's inspired by a more obscure Grimm's fairytale but it is well known in Waldorf circles.
Let's just say she will be giving away everything but getting the stars in return.

Also, I am almost done with a Garnet Hill inspired top.  You'll see how a very unbecoming tourist T-shirt transforms into a floral masterpiece.

My inspiration - from

Hope everyone has a nice visit from the pumpkin fairy this weekend!


  1. I really like it. It is difficult for me to find a gopi skirt long enough because I am really tall....


  2. awesome! looking forward to seeing that shirt!