Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 2009 - Advent Table

This year I thought it would be fun to have an Advent Table and celebrate a countdown to Christmas Day.  Being a little Vaisnava family, you would wonder why we would have a Nativity Scene and how does the anthroposophical view of Christ line up with our beliefs.  We both believe in spiritual evolution, with the soul reaching the highest level in the material world as a perfected human being.

These traditions and festivals are supposed to fill our spiritual longings and bring forth light in our lives...especially in the dark of winter.  We are looking for meaning and it's not something you can buy at the mall.  Many cultures celebrate the winter Solstice, the return of the sun, and it's no coincidence that Christmas day is very close to that time. 

We enjoyed reading a light-hearted book for young children, "The Festival of Stones", about a faerie named Tiptoes Lightly. We received it as a belated birthday gift and it was delightful to read the stories each Advent week.

1st week of Advent - The Mineral Kingdom

Our varied selection of minerals and shells

24 day advent candle

2nd week of Advent - The Plant Kingdom

We added some juniper (mountain cedar), pine cones, the cutest rosemary topiary tree and the apple candle used at the kindergarten Advent spiral walk.

3rd Week of Advent - The Animal Kingdom

May we not be stubborn donkeys and be gentle like Mary's.

4th Week of Advent - The Human form of Life


Each day of Advent, we added a shining star to our blue silk sky, culminating with the largest star of all on Christmas Eve.  As followers of Vedic astrology, the chart of the planets and stars at birth is significant.

Hope you had a special Christmas filled with light and surrounded by loved ones.


  1. love it! my son is ooohing over the pictures. the tree is my fave!

  2. I love your nature table. It looks lovely.

    And about the whole Christian thing. I was chatting with my husband. I was telling him how throughout time there have been people, prophets if you will, sent down to teach us things. We might not subscribe to the direct philosophy that correlates with them, but we can acknowledge that they taught some amazing things. So, I think celebrating his birth (even though I am one who believes he was born more in the Spring) I think is something that wouldn't go against your beliefs at all.